Invent-TR Engineering is a young and dynamic company that operates in the sector of mechanical installation. Taking “Correct Engineering Correct Solution” as a mission while starting off, Invent-TR Engineering is an expert on the following fields: Hygienic (Cleanroom) Air Conditioning Systems, Industrial Air Conditioning Systems, Comfort Air Conditioning Systems, Mechanical Installation (Heating, Cooling, Fire, Compressed Air, Waste Water, Clean Water), Mechanical Automation.

Invent-TR Engineering is a young company which has been established in 2005. With their experience of more than 20 years, company managers have put their signature under plenty of turn-key type projects at home and abroad. Among these projects there are mechanical project and implementation services of pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, textile factories, food production facilities, hygienic production fields, hotels, recidences, shopping centers and collective housings.

Especially the facilites those have Cleanroom are the main fields in which Invent-TR Engineering is professional. Invent-TR Engineering supports its sector experience with constant improvement principle and it always stands behind firstly its engineering and then commerce understanding.

Our main objective is being a continuous solution partner beyond working together with our valued customers on a project.

As we have remarked at the beginning, our mission is our slogan.

"Correct Engineering Correct Solution"

Invent-TR Engineering Family